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Everlasting Memories


J. Rene'

Creating Everlasting Memories


Wedding Design

Elegant & Lively

Everlasting Memories by J. Rene' is here to make your Wedding Venue Setup extra special if you so desire. Contact us today to make your event wonderful, successful, and ultimately less stressful for you.  We offer competitive rates and work with the best vendors and venues in the Washington, DC Metropolitan area, guaranteeing an unforgettable event.

Elegant Dining

Floral Arangement Coordination

Stunning & Memorable

Trust Everlasting Memories by J. Rene' to take care of all your Floral Arrangement Coordination details. The Floral Arrangement Coordination will have those in attendance raving about the event for years to come.

Wedding Music

Perfectly Planned

Your Wedding Music Selection is important, so that you and your guest can have the best possible experience. Everlasting Memories by J. Rene' takes care of all the small, tedious details and arrangements so that you may focus on the important stuff when you select us for your wedding needs. That is why we make the effort to understand your exact needs, so the event you imagine is the event you will get.  Everlasting Memories by J. Rene' is here to make sure your wedding will be an everlasting memory.

The Dance Floor


A Night to Remember

From decor and location to food and seating. Everlasting Memories by J. Rene' will assist you in developing a budget, help select vendors, a venue, and take care of the day’s timeline so you may focus on walking down the aisle with no worries!

"Whatever is worth doing at all is worth doing well"

Lord Chesterfield


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