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He Matters Too!

Hey, that guy you call fiancé, he matters too. Many of my male clients say to me, “just let me know where to be and when to be there.” You will probably hear your fiancé say these exact same words, but as a Wedding Coordinator/Planner, it is my job to get into his mind to figure out what it is that he really wants that he may not even be aware of at the moment. Believe it or not, just a few simple questions will tell you a lot of about a person. One of my grooms mentioned wishing his grandmother could be with him at his wedding, and his liking of waterfalls. His grandmother passed away several years prior, but she was still his persons, so I prepared a tall cocktail table with a small waterfall, candles and picture of his grandmother with a sweet message at the wedding ceremony. He was taken aback, never expecting to see this incorporated into his wedding, and he felt like she was there the entire time. Awww… It’s the little things that count!

So, when searching for your wedding coordinator or planner make sure you feel that nothing else matters but you at that moment or whenever you communicate with them. Make sure your coordinator/planner is detailed, compassionate and takes great pride in catering to your needs and desires while being open and honest with you at all times. Compassion is a real thing and will add to your Everlasting Memories of this experience and that special day!

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